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Film i Skåne is a regional film organization with the task of promoting film-culture activities and contributing to growth in Skåne through film production. In order to improve and enhance the professional film infrastructure of the region, Film i Skåne is involved in funding film and television production. We invest and co-produced short films, documentaries, feature films and TV series with a close connection to the region of Skåne, and focus on talent development for the regional creatives. Film i Skåne also run Ystad Studios, which offers a sound stage and production facilities in the town of Ystad

Joakim Strand – Head of Production

Born in Sweden, Joakim Strand has worked in various positions at Film i Skåne since 2001. After holding the position of commissioning editor for feature films, Strand has stepped up to the position as Head of Production in 2013.