Lebanon, Netherlands I 2021 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 70 min


For half of his life, Nicolas, the director, used the camera as a confidant to film his video diary. This intimate film shows the strong and, at times, dysfunctional relationship that binds Nicolas to his mother and sister after the death of his father. His sister Tamara gets married and moves away from home; he is then left alone with his mother and her expectations for the “successful life”, which he cannot fulfill. His mother fears that he will be a failure. “Your life is such a Fiasco!” she tells him tenderly as he does not show any interest in finding a wife. But Nicolas is carrying a fear that she knows nothing about…


Swedish premiere

Screening: May 05th 14:00 Panora 3

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Director: Nicolas Khoury
Writer: Nicolas Khoury
Cast: Nelly Khoury, Tamara Khoury,
Nicolas Khoury
Dop: Nicolas Khoury
Producer: Nicolas Khoury


Nicolas Khoury (1989) graduated in film and audiovisual studies from the Lebanese Academy of Fine-Arts (ALBA) in 2010. He is an independent documentary filmmaker and film editor living and working in Beirut, Lebanon. His filmography includes three independent medium length films that Production company: Sekak Films were awarded in multiple festivals. His short independent documentary Résonances (27 minutes) won the best short documentary at It’s All True film festival , Brazil in 2018, and the Tanit D’or of the best short documentary in Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage, Tunisia in 2018. Fiasco is his first long documentary.