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2004. Tunis, the Arab summit. In this frantic and burlesque atmosphere, characters cross paths without ever really meeting, striving to deal with their personal problems.
Hamadi, electrician, has to repair a faulty supply system in a dilapidated apartment block… Hamadi is attracted to Naziha, a divorcee in her fifties who lives in the building… Salha is trying by all means to earn a living in order to provide for her family. She can be a professional mourner and cry in deceased people’s houses then, immediately after, enliven wedding parties…
Nadia, choreographer, tries to rehearse with her dancers in spite of the unbearable din coming from a neighboring construction site held by a corrupt man…
Ammar is seeking a treatment at the public hospital, both mistreated and sent away
from one office to the other…
The Arab summit is a success…while the characters fight for survival.


Born in 1954, Richard Magnien initially trained as a scientist. After earning a bachelor’s degree in film, he became a cinema “transmitter,” as programmer of famous festivals and director of independent art-movie theatres.

Currently, with MAT Productions, a new company, he continues the same editorial line. MAT Productions is developing a number of feature films for theatre release, including the first feature-length film by Tunisian director Walid Tayaa, FATARIA supported by CNC “Cinémas du Monde” funding, In 2016, he created a new distribution company MAG Distribution, dedicated to independent cinema from all over the world.


Born in Tunis, July 12, 1976
In 2006, WALID TAYAA directed his first short film, MADAME BAHJA, selected at the Cannes Film Festival in the “World Cinema” section. In 2009, he made two short films, PRESTIGE (screened at La Berlinale 2010) and VIVRE, awarded the Grand Prize at the 16th Festival du Film Méditerranéen in Tétouan and the Tanit d’Or at the JCC 2010.
In 2012, he made two more short films, BOULITIK and CHRONIQUE D’UN CITOYEN ORDINAIRE, and developed a documentary TANGLED IN IMBROGLIO, supported by AFAC. FATARIA ( ex BOURACHKA) supported by french CNC (aide au cinéma du monde) and Ministry of culture tunisian is his first feature film.


Tunisia, France

Running time:

80 min