Syria I 2023 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 24 min


Salma has vowed to take her dead brother’s body back to their family home in another country, a perilous journey that requires several illegal border crossings and the dubious help of a people smuggler. It is a physically arduous journey across country, fraught with security risks and made worse by the fact that the smuggler abandons her in the middle of the road, but she reaches a crisis point when she comes across a young man who has been shot. Salma has to make a fateful decision: does she go on with carrying out her promise to herself to deliver her dead brother’s body to its final resting place, or does she try to save a living stranger?

Nordic premiere
Screening: April 25th 18:30 Panora 2

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Director: Ibrahem Melhem
Writer: Ibrahem Melhem
Cast: Khaled Shbat, Mohammad Zarzour, Nancy Khoury
Dop: Khalil Salloum
Producer: Ibrahem Melhem, Nanet Khoury


Video editor and director, was born in Syria in 1989. He studied media at the Syrian Virtual University and film and television directing at the Syrian International Academy. He has since worked on many films as a video editor and supervised a wide range of artistic and cinematic productions through his work within the Fact.