Exhibition of artist Jumana Al-Kabra

Jumana Al-Kabra was born in 1969 in Damascus. She is a professional artist of oriental craftsmanship and painting on glass. It began as a hobby in 1997 that developed and the work became more literal. In addition to painting on glass objects, Jumana also paints on pottery and the work has expanded to include most of the oriental artifacts. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Damascus as well as exported to other countries. Her work has been sold in Algeria, Morocco, and Kuwait. In Sweden, she is back to painting on the glass again with an ambition to create a good place in the European market in general and Swedish in particular for the craft.Hanan Al-Rikabi is an artist who has lived in Sweden for the past 26 years. She is originally from Jordan, where she studied fashion, design, and art. She has painted all her life. One of her earliest memories painting on anything from the facades of buildings to indoor walls in her home country. Love of art originated with her mother, who was also a painter.
Hanan has taken a long list of courses during her years in Sweden. She has a bachelor’s degree in textiles and design, Auto Cad, a course in sculpture, pictures, as well as in textile and design from Malmo Tillskararakademin.
Today she works as instructor and teacher in textiles and art, and she has a studio that she frequently visits in her free time.