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They love but they fear, they try to fight back but they fail at everything except love. Love is the only thing that remains despite the killer fear. The future is not here.


Yasser Shafiey is an Egyptian director who completed his studies in the Faculty of Applied Arts and worked in the field of jewelry design. He then went to study cinema in the Department of Free Studies at the Institute of Cinema and graduated from the Giza School of Cinema in which the film industry works independently and in all disciplines. He has worked for a long period as a contributor and author, and has helped in many films including
Mohammed Khan’s film “The Factory Girl”Karim Hanafy “Bab El Wadaa”” and “Out Of Ordinary” by Dawod Abdel-Sayed. His first directing work was done through the short film “Dream Scene” produced in 2014.

Swedish Producer:

William Johansson has worked as a Director, DoP and film editor since 2006. He started working as a film producer in 2015 when he also became a shareholder of Laika Film & Television AB. William has been working with a number of documentaries and documentary series.