Malmِö Arab Film Festival is honored to give tribute to the Egyptian cinema in its 8th edition, as the oldest cinema in the Arab world, and even among the world’s cinemas. Egyptian cinema has been one of the most important cultural tributaries that have shaped the thoughts of millions of Arabs over generations in more than a century. During its history, Egyptian cinema has presented a huge heritage of films, including what we enjoyed and put smiles on our faces, and that dealt with issues with all seriousness, awareness, and depth. Today, we are giving tribute to all that the Egyptian cinema has produced, and we remember its makers and stars with all respect and pride.
Over the decades, the Egyptian artist has expressed all concerns, aspirations, and dreams of the Arab citizen. Every Arab man found himself represented in – at least- one of the films of Adel Imam, Nour El Sherif, Ahmed Zaki or Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and others of the prominent actors of the Egyptian Cinema. Every Arab girl or woman found herself represented in – at least- one of the films of Faten Hamama, Lubna Abdul Aziz or Majda, and others of the prominent actresses.
On this occasion, Malmِ Arab Film Festival is keen to ensure that the Egyptian cinema is strongly present in all the activities and programs of this year’s edition. This began with the decision of the festival administration to announce all the details of its 8th edition of the festival in Egypt, among a large crowd of Egyptian filmmakers, intellectuals, and media professionals, in a press conference held at the residence of his excellency, the Ambassador of Sweden in Cairo. Also, the festival administration decided to screen 2 Egyptian films in the opening and closing ceremonies. The festival also organizes a seminar about the issues of Egyptian cinema, moreover, we are honored this year to host prominent Egyptian stars and filmmakers.