MAFF 2017 Critics Without Borders

Critics Without Borders, Nordic countries – Egypt 2017

Ten film critics from the Nordic countries and Egypt will participate in the workshop that will be held in Malmö, Sweden, October 6-10, 2017. For five days, the critics will participate in both internal and public seminars, panel debates, and master classes. Through this workshop, we aim to create a sustainable network of Nordic and Egyptian film critics and providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Strengthening democracy and freedom of expression.
How do we raise awareness about delicate political and social issues? The project aims to show, discuss, and highlight the importance of film and film criticism. The film critic’s task is to put the films and stories in an artistic, social and political context. It is also their function providing critical reflections and creating broad discussions about pressing topics.

In advance of the project days in Malmö, the participants will write a research paper/essay treating one or several of the following themes: democracy, freedom of speech or censorship/self-censorship. The prospect of making the participants’ essays into an anthology, will enable the film critics to continue to work together, collaborate, and contribute to the creation of the future sustainable network of film critics. Through the work with the anthology, the participants will continue to be active in the questions that the project seeks to address. Moreover, the publication will hopefully engage writers and filmmakers that have not been participants.

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