Malmö – 09-10-2018 – The eighth edition of the Malmö Arab Film Festival MAFF, which started in October 5, is ended a few minutes ago. The 8th. edition of MAFF witnessed the participation of many Arab stars, filmmakers, producers and critics. . While the festival ended with screening Egyptian closing film “Gunshot” by Karim El-Shenawy. The MAFF Awards were presented by the jury that announced its decision at “Royal Cinema” in Malmo as follows:

Short Film Competition”

Best Short Film for “Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow” by: Fadi Baki from Lebanon

Special Jury Award for “Black Mamba” by Amel Guellaty from Tunisia –

Special Mention to “Occupation: Killer” by Walid Ayoub from Morocco.

Documentary Competition

Best Documentary Award for “Upon the Shadow” by: Nada Mezni Hafaiedh from Tunisia

Short Documentary Competition

Best Short Documentary Award  for  “Survivors of Firdos Square” by: Adel Khaled from Iraq


Feature Competition

Best Feature for “Wajib” by: Annemarie Jacir from Palestine

Special Jury Award for “Volubilis” by Faouzi Bensaidi from Morocco

Best Director for “Mohamed Al Daradji” from Iraq for his film “The Journey”.

Best Actor for “Ali Yehiawi” from Tunisia for his exceptional performance in “Benzine” by Sarra Abidi

Best Actress for “Zahraa Ghandour” from Iraq for his exceptional performance in “The Journey” by Mohamed Al Daradji


The City of Malmö´s Audience Award at MAFF obtained by “Photocopy” by: Tamer Ashry from Egypt

25 000 SEK (App. 2500 Euros).

“Best Artistic Production Award” presented by the General Union of Arab Artists obtained by “Guest: Aleppo – Istanbul”.  (2000 Euros)

“Arab Critics Award” presented by “Al Nahar” newspaper obtained by “Wajib” by: Annemarie Jacir (1000 Euros).