Blood and Honey

Feature / Development Funding


Cairo, Egypt, January 2011, a few days before the revolution that would topple the president of 30 years. ADHAM is a low ranking policeman who suffers from an acute panic disorder brought about by the torture and repression of his fellow citizens that he witnesses on a daily basis and is sometimes coerced into doing himself. He has the added pressure of being a secret aid to his highest superior, a senior ranking policeman ADEL who is close to the ruling elite, and in charge of the repression of the longtime underdog of the station: The Muslim Brotherhood. Adham’s attacks reach a peak the few days before the Egyptian uprising as the oppression increases, and he finds himself torn between his livelihood and his morals. In a moment of fury he pulls a gun on his immediate superior, KAMAL, and is forced to quit the police and go into hiding in his home town three hours train ride from Cairo.


Mohamed Siam

Swedish Producer:

Christer Nelson


Egypt, France