Behind Closed Doors

Qatar, Sweden 90 minutes


‘Behind closed doors’ is a portrayal of human relationships within the complex social fabric of a modern Arabic/Gulf country. The film delves into the challenges faced by its characters, who struggle with the intricacies of marriage, social norms and family pressure. Central to the narrative is Sara’s struggle to cope with her ‘perfect’ life.


Hend Fakhroo

Hend Fakhroo is a Qatari screenwriter and director, known for her thought-provoking films that explore the intricacies of human connections. Fakhroo was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1982 to an Egyptian mother and Qatari father. Her grandfather, actor Mohamed Tawfiq, and great aunt, Karima Mokhtar, helped foster her creative and artistic talent from a young age.

Fakhroo studied at St. Edward’s university in Austin, Texas, where she earned a BA in Marketing with honors.

Hend’s work encompasses a variety of roles, including acting and producing. Her work reflects her interest in telling stories from the Middle East, with a special interest in women’s issues. Her first short films, ‘His Name’ (2012), and ‘The Waiting Room’ (2016) traveled extensively within the festival circuit. Recently, Hend has co-written a script for an American production starring an Oscar nominated cast. Hend is currently preparing to shoot her first feature film, Behind Closed Doors.


Cindy Le Templier

Cindy Le Templier, a French-Jordanian Producer based in Doha, Qatar, dedicated to creating impactful films. Cindy has an extensive experience working on acclaimed French films, and was a co-founder of a production house in Amman-Jordan, where she produced numerous film and TV projects. She currently leads creative ventures at ‘The Film House’ in Doha, with the goal of producing innovative films and digital projects ; currently, producing ‘Behind Closed Doors’ and steering the development of two compelling features.



Swedish Co-producer

Linda Mutawi

Linda is a film producer with a multicultural background, she has worked in the UK, Jordan, Dubai and Sweden. Over the last 23 years her experienced has ranged from fiction to documentaries. Linda is a graduate of both The Producers Guild of America’s diversity workshop, and the EAVE Producers Workshop 2022. She is currently producing and co-producing various Swedish and international projects.