Feature / Post-production

Tunisia \ Arabic \ 73 minutes

Director: Majdi Lakhdar
Producer: Mohammed Ali Ben Hamra
Production Company: Polimove International Pictures


Ali is an old and poor tailor from Tunis who spends his time looking for a buried treasure in an underground gallery in his house. One day, he finds himself stuck with his wife and children under the rubble after the collapse of their home. That’s when he must learn to take care of them by taking them to the underground shelter. He must fight and look for a way to save them before it’s too late.

Majdi Lakhdar

Majdi Lakhdar was born in Tunis in 1987. After graduating in 2009, he directed three short films and acted in several others. With his first feature film “Before it’s too late”, he participated in several writing workshops and development programs: Sud Ecriture, La fabrique des cinémas du monde, Grand Nord.

Mohammed Ali Ben Hamra

Mohamed Ali BEN HAMRA is the founder of POLIMOVIE INTERNATIONAL PICTURES, a production company based in Tunis. He has produced with his associate partner Soumaya Jelassi, several feature films including; “THALA MY LOVE” by Mehdi Hmili (2016), “TUNIS BY NIGHT” by Elyes Baccar (2017), in addition to documentaries and short films. He is currently producing “BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”, Majdi Lakhdar’s first feature film.