Beautiful Country

Documentary / Development Funding


In 2015, Hassanein Khazaal made a short film in Baghdad – Iraq with the help of eight of his friends. The film talks about the Iraqi youth and their choices. Staying home in Iraq and take part in demonstrations or immigrate and start a new life.

Three years later, Hassanein found himself and the majority of the friends that made the short film, outside Iraq. Spread out between Europe and America. The short film has become reality.

In this film Hassanein start searching for his friends, trying to meet them again and telling about the choices they have made.


Hassanein Khazaal, Iraqi director, screenwriter and editor, bachelor of French Language University of Baghdad 2015. Participant in more than a film festival and recipient of many local and Arab Awards. Live in Paris now as a political refugee.

Swedish Producer:

Peter Krupenin began his career as sound engineer for an illegal radio station onboard a shipsailing the Baltic Sea. After a Master Degree in Business Administration 1972 at The Stockholm School of Economics, he received a grant to study film producing at the University of Southern California.


Iraq, France