Tunisia, France I 2017 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 23 min

Aya, a smart little girl, lives in Tunis with her Salafist parents. But one day a special event disrupts the life of this family.

Director: Moufida Fedhila
Writer: Moufida Fedhila
Cast: May Berhouma, Afef Ben Mahmoud, Ghanem Zrelli
DOP: Frida Marzouk
Producer: Antonio Magliano, Mehdi Hmili, Issam Saidi

Screening: October 7th 14:30 Panora 2



Director: Moufida Fedhila

Moufida Fedhila is a producer, a filmmaker and a visual artist. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the world and are part of several private and public collections.