Saudi Arabia I 2017 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 20 min

Atoor is a young man in his twenties who’s ashamed of his name. His father named him after his own mother for good fortune, but this name only brought him unwanted attention and criticism. This lead him to be isolated from society and gaining weight from eating excessively.

Director: Hussain Almotlaq
Writer: Hussain Almotlaq
Cast: Abdualla Alfehid, Hussain Alyahya
DOP: Ali Alshafiy
Producer: Hussain Ali Almotlaq

Screening: November 28th 15:00 Bio Roy



Director: Hussain Almotlaq

Hussain Almutlaq, born 1986 , is an Saudi filmmaker. His first short film “BUS 321” was selected by many international film festivals.