Arab Cinema in Sweden AB (ACIS) is a unique company that promotes viewing possibilities of Arabic film in Sweden.
The company focuses mainly on cinema distribution and screenings for festivals and film studios.
ACIS is unique in its kind in Northern Europe, and is based on a belief in the film’s ability to cross borders and to spread a wider range of stories in Sweden’s film.
“ACIS” is part of the Malmö Arab Film Festival – MAFF
Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS) is a distribution company for Arab films in Sweden.
We present and distribute films produced in the Arab world or by Arab filmmakers. ACIS is the only distribution company for Arab films in Sweden.
The demand for the Arabic cinema in Sweden has increased enormously during the last years – due to demographical changes as well as genuine interest in the quality of the Arabic films.
ACIS is a part of Malmo Arab Film Festival (MAFF), the only festival in Scandinavia for Arabic cinema and culture, and since 2013 the biggest and most acknowledged in Europe.