Saudi Arabia I 2023 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 21 min


The young boy Ali seeks the folk singer to record him with his father’s tape recorder. When the singer loses his voice after laryngeal surgery. Ali meets the singer with the last recording ofhis voice.

Nordic premiere

Screening: April 25th 18:30 Panora 2

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Director: Hassan Saeed
Writer: Ali Saeed
Cast: Abdulnasser Alzayer, Abdullah Aljafal, Majed Alsaihati, Ali Saiagh, Mustafa Mubark, Rawdah Abud Rab Alnabi, Hasan Ramadan, Salman Alnemer
Dop: Christoph Schumann
Producer: Ali Saeed, Hassan Saeed Madlough


Hassan Saeed is a producer and director who studied film production in Toronto and Ontario. Since graduating in 2013, Hassan has worked on numerous projects, short films, documentaries and TV series.
Hassan’s previous works have been diverse and officially nominated for awards, starting at prestigious festivals around the world, including the Dubai International Film Festival, the Saudi Film Festival, the Beirut International Film Festival, the Red Sea International Film Festival, and others.