Algeria I 2021 I Arabic Dialogue With English Subtitles l 26 min


1995. A neighborhood in the suburbs of Algiers. 12 years old Samia and Nouara are the best friends ever. One morning, gunshots disrupted the peaceful symphony of their little world, hushing their laughter and bringing their games to a halt. It was a matter of days before the violence that seemed so distant broke out before their very eyes, turning their world upside down and changing their behavior…


Screening: October 02nd 14:30 Röda Kvarn 2

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Director: Amel Blidi
Writer: Amel Blidi
Cast: Ritadj Dalia Ghazi, Mila Boussouf, Serine Ferdi, Maissa belaroussi, Hania Amar, Anya Louanchi, Samia Meziane
Dop: Nasser Medjkane
Producer: Serge Lledo


Amel Blidi is journalist for more than a decade. She came to cinema thanks to Bejaia Doc’s internship were she realized the short documentary “Tomorrow is another day” with Nabil Boubkeur in October 2013. She directed two other short documentaries “In the shadow of words” and “a weird meeting”. “Chabchaq, an Algerian game” is her first fictional film.