A Respectable Family

Feature / Development Funding


The feature film ‘A respectable family’ is designed like a fantastico-realistic fable in which the newly weds Achraf
and Houda are finding themselves trapped in their house and where religious and societal rules are dictated by a
lying couple of gurus. The couple is followed every day by Sidna, an old man whose knowledge is large when it comes to religion but whose readings are approximate and Sitna an old lady, a living encyclopedia when it comes to manners in society.

Throughout their matrimonial adventure and with the precious help of their fathers, sisters and most importantly of their mothers, our newly weds will strive for trying to get the supreme status: becoming what everybody asks them to be, a RESPECTABLE FAMILY. In a society where divorced women are outcast, Houda must not disappoint. She does her utmost… Until the unbearable.


Rashid Abdelhamid, of mixed Palestinian-Serbian origins, was born and raised in Algeria and received his education in France and Italy, going on to live and work in Gaza from 1997 to 2008. After a career in architecture, in early 2013, in collaboration with twin Gazan filmmakers Tarzan and Arab, he founded Made in Palestine Project, an independent arts initiative to create and promote contemporary visual art with a focus on Palestine.

Rashid Abdelhamid is currently producing a feature film by Tarzan and Arab, Casting, currently in development and funding.


Swedish Producer: Linda Mutawi

Country: Palestine