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Out of Place


Sweden / 90 min

Director:  Mohammed Al-Madjalawi

Producer: Manolo Diaz Rämö, Beatrice Pourbagher Garcia



Mohammed, a chubby teen, dances Dabke at the cultural center in Jabalia refugee camp, Palestine, in the year 2000. His dancing doesn’t impress so instead, he’s given a camera. The dancers he films become his closest friends. He films the war that surrounds them and their resistance through dance. 10 years later, they all live in different parts of Europe. He continues to film them, this time in search of a family and a home in exile.

Director: Mohammed Al-Majdalawi

Mohammed Al-Majdalawi has a masters degree in documentary film from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Growing up in Gaza, he worked as crew for  international films like Bridges Over Blood and Eyewitness Gaza and his own film, Gaza Art Through Barbed Wire. He is currently working on his documentary Out Of Place and To Mai. 

Producer: Manolo Diaz Rämö

Manolo Diaz Rämö was born in Stockholm. He has a bachelor’s degree in Documentary film from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. In his films Manolo often explores the longing for something unreachable, usually connected to migration. His films have won numerous awards and his latest film, Like a Mountain is currently screened at SVT.

Co-producer: Beatrice Pourbagher Garcia

Beatrice Pourbagher Garcia was born in Halland, Sweden. She has a bachelor’s degree in film production from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has worked with numerous fiction and documentary films that have been screened in festivals around the world.