Jordan / 2017 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / 73 min

17 is a social exploration into the lives of young women who are passionate about a sport they have been told was only for men. Will Anoud make it in the final squad? Will Leen be ready to play in this world-class event with so little time to prepare? Will the odds finally start working for the team?

Director: Widad Shafakoj
DOP: Ali El-Saadi
Producer: Muna Fityani

SCREENINGS May 5 17.00, folkets bio Umeå



 Director Widad Shafakoj

Widad Shafakoj is a Jordanian-Spanish humanitarian activist and filmmaker.Widad directed the award-winning short ID:000, a documentary that talks about graduated orphans in Jordan, and the way abuse has affected their lives. The film made a significant impact on Jordanian orphan-related regulations and helped improve their social status.