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Hajj to Disney

Saudi Arabia, United States, Sweden \ Arabic, English \ 90 min 0 sec


Director: Maha Al-Saati

Producer: Linda Mutawi (Fikra AB)



Asya is a woman from Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Although she is pretty, she is insecure about approaching her 40s while still single and living with her parents. She obsesses about her biological eggs expiring prior to finding the right man to marry and have children with. Her expectations of a romantic relationship are shaped by her conservative society in addition to the Disney princess fairytales she grew up with. She has been in a relationship with Yazan, a younger, charismatic comedian and social media celebrity, who left the country without saying goodbye, and resurfaced months later by sending her a text message. To her surprise, he confesses he is homesick, and asks her to spend the summer with him, promising a good time in Disney World. This sparks the fire in Asya’s heart, as her fairytale is about to come true. Asya travels to Florida during Hajj (pilgrimage) season, but her Summer is far from the romantic escapade she envisioned, as Yazan is constantly avoiding her to party with friends. Through this experience, Asya is left to discover herself and the nature of the American Dream she hoped to get a slice of, prior to her 40th birthday in Disney World.



Maha AI-Saati

Maha Al-Saati is an independent /experimental filmmaker explore femininity, gender, and struggles surrounding women in the Arab world. Her films include “Hair: The Story of Grass”, which screened at Fantastic Fest and Slamdance.



Linda Mutawi

A producer involved in several Swedish feature films involving the Middle East and is a mentor for an EU funded cultural program examining minority rights in the Middle East.